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May 20, 2009

When the Voice of the People isn't your voice or your people

Fans for Fair Play

Occasional blogger Scott M.X. Turner turns his attention to Monday's mad-dog editorial in the NY Daily News.

Wow. This morning, the New York Daily News has really laid its Atlantic Yards cards on the table. As usual, they're covering their crap hand with over-the-top bluffing.

In an editorial, the Daily News' board slammed "rabid obstructionists" for fighting Bruce Ratner's superblock project. Apparently the News doesn't want you going to court if they don't like why you're going to court. Constitutional rights really get in the way when they're someone else's bag, baby. Those same rights could still delay the Atlantic Yards project anywhere from months to years. In the Daily News' worldview, the Voice of the People they like the best is no voice at all.

Anyway, who are these insidious obstructionist nogoodniks whose foaming at the mouth is enough to coat a runway for an emergency landing?

Why, people who've figured out that Ratner's innocuous Jobs Hoops & Housing is really Pink Slips, Blight and Lies.

People who, facing the backs government officials have turned on them, did what the nation's stated ideals urges all of us to do -- protest, write, organize, fight, litigate, reach out, implore, investigate, report, analyze. The thing that was so popular in the 1770s, lobbing cannonballs at tyranny. Of course, if democracy comes too close to upsetting Michael Bloomberg's gilded applecarts, standing up to tyranny is no longer a celebrated thing. Citizenry Speaking Out become Rabid Obstructionists.

Read the whole essay for a sneak-peak at the name of Mr. Turner's next band.

Posted by eric at May 20, 2009 10:51 AM