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May 8, 2009

The fourth annual Brooklyn Blogfest, the plethora of candidates, and why we need more journalism

Atlantic Yards Report

Norman Oder's rundown on last night's (fourth annual) Brooklyn Blogfest only touches on Atlantic Yards in passing, but it's a clarion call for blogging as civic journalism, and well worth a read.

Still, relatively few people in the “bloggiest place in America” (to quote Outside.in, whose erroneous formulation of Clinton Hill as the "bloggiest" neighborhood was cited twice from the stage) provide what we need most: solid civic information, "holding institutions accountable on a daily basis," to quote author, "The Wire" writer, and former reporter David Simon's testimony Wednesday before Congress.

I think professional and amateur reporters using blogs can do some of that "journalism of verification," but, even as Atlantic Yards blogging may be an important example of unpaid response to a controversy, I believe it's not that easy to duplicate.

The Brooklyn blogosphere, not least because some laid-off reporters have been writing for blogs (see Aaron Short and Sarah Portlock), has begun to provide more journalism, but there's much more to cover.


Posted by eric at May 8, 2009 10:04 AM