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May 4, 2009

Mayor's Office: maybe to new schools if AY is built, no to a new 78th Precinct stationhouse

Atlantic Yards Report

The Mayor’s Office of Management and Budget, in budget documents released Friday, revealed a couple of Capital Budget Priorities and Requests related to Atlantic Yards.

In neither case does the city appear willing to commit more resources, stating that it would try to build more schools, should AY be built, with existing funds, and would not try to construct a new 78th Precinct stationhouse, despite the impact of an arena that would be built a block away.


NoLandGrab: The Mayor continues to support Bruce Ratner's Atlantic Yards scheme, but will not commit to supporting the community in and around the project.

Mayor to Community Boards: drop dead (or, at least, wither away)

Mayor Bloomberg is facing some hard choices, but his top-down community-be-damned approach to rezoning leads one to believe that his decision to cut the already meager budgets of Community Boards wasn't one of them:

...Community Board budgets average around $220,000, and Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s budget proposes that those budgets go down 5%, not up.

Yes, the city budget is under stress, but, as Manhattan CB 7 Chair Helen Rosenthal notes in this March 16 Gotham Gazette commentary, the entire community board budget is some $15 million--essentially a rounding error in a $60 billion budget. (Actually, the budget this year looks like it'll be under $14 million. See p. 55 of this PDF budget document.)

Numerous Community Boards asked for an increase in their budgets, pointing out that they're already stretched to the bone, and the CBs can’t fulfill their mandates in the city charter.

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