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May 7, 2009

City Council Races (33rd and 39th CDs): Candidates’ Positions on Development and Effective Action They Would Take to Stop Atlantic Yards

Noticing New York

Michael D.D. White presents an epic three-part series looking at the professed views on Atlantic Yards of all the candidates running for City Council in the 33rd and 39th Council districts, including those of the current officeholders, Comptroller candidate David Yassky and Public Advocate candidate Bill de Blasio.

Guess what? Every one of them opposes the project, to some degree or another.

That being the case, White concludes his series with what strikes us a really good, common-sense idea.

We have at least one starter suggestion. This is a project that continues even though it has no visible means of support. The governor has never said one public word in support of the project. Even the mayor, key to the project’s survival as he is (and as seemingly assured of reelection by his billions), avoids public statements of support for the project. The mayor avoids even mentioning Atlantic Yards and we think his plan of preference is for it to play political possum until he has procured his desired third term. Governor Paterson, (to whom the mayor has not been kind) could certainly prevent that. How?

In this post we have reviewed the positions of fifteen candidates, two entire fields of candidates. As they all oppose Atlantic Yards as probably the city’s worst project and one that desperately needs to be stopped, why can’t those candidates all unite to approach Governor Paterson and tell him in one voice to abandon this folly? (They can send a “CC” to the Bloomberg administration.)

Part I: Background: Development & Politics

Part II: Stated positions of the candidates for the 33rd City Council seat

Part III: Stated positions of the candidates for the 39th City Council seat

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