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April 19, 2009

The Rocawear Pop Shop: from blight to bling and back

Atlantic Yards Report

RocaWare Amid The Blight

Norman Oder visits the mobile Rocawear shop that has parked on the site of the proposed Barclay's Arena. He finds the developer-created blight unavoidable.

Yesterday I checked out the mobile Rocawear shop that finally arrived Friday (I'd thought Thursday) at the northeast corner of Pacific Street and Flatbush Avenue.

Up close it's a nifty retail concept, and other news coverage (e.g., The Brooklyn Paper) has given us a close-up exterior shot, plus an interior view.


Go inside ... and it's an immersive environment, a lounge on wheels: no windows, flattering lighting, couches, and hip-hop videos providing the proper ambience to sell $28 t-shirts and $48 polo shirts (among other things) anointed by rap superstar Jay-Z.


Exit to a barren stretch of Flatbush Avenue, however, and the blight is palpable.

It would take a lot of temporary installments--shops, flea market, playground--to bring life to the empty lots created by demolitions in the Atlantic Yards footprint.


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