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April 24, 2009

Newark Mayor Booker: "I believe the project in Brooklyn is not going to work"

Atlantic Yards Report

Newark's Mayor continues to be bullish on the notion of the New Jersey Nets ending up in, um... New Jersey — Newark, to be exact.

Last night, the WBGO radio show Newark Today with Mayor Cory Booker, was supposed to focus on environmental issues, but, as with shows in February and March, discussion of the Nets was inevitable.

"Let me tell you exactly what I think is going to happen," Booker continued. "I believe the project in Brooklyn is not going to work and not going to go forward. I believe the team's going to be put up for sale. I think there's going to be a national competition for it, because people want the team, from Seattle to New Jersey. I think New Jersey cannot afford to lose the Nets, so we're working double time to make sure that, when that opportunity comes, it's bought by New Jersey investors with the intention of putting the team in Newark."


Posted by eric at April 24, 2009 5:23 AM