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April 22, 2009

Mall rats

The Brooklyn Paper, The Police Blotter
By Mike McLaughlin

Even though Bruce Ratner's own crime survey in the Blight Study for the Atlantic Yards project claims that the "high crime rate in sector 88E is more likely a result of crimes occurring on the project site than in Atlantic Center or Atlantic Terminal," stories indicating otherwise keep piling up on the police blotter:

Police arrested three women last Monday in two shoplifting incidents in the Atlantic Terminal mall near the corner of Flatbush and Atlantic avenues on April 13.

In the first crime, police cuffed a 60-year-old woman in Target for allegedly stealing another woman’s purse — and the $230 in it — at around 5:30 pm.

About two hours later, it took three cops to subdue two women, 19 and 26, who were caught pilfering “miscellaneous merchandise” from the Daffy’s department store in the same Bruce Ratner-owned mall.

According to the police report, the two women scuffled with officers, injuring three of them, after they were caught skipping the bill.


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