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April 21, 2009

Noticing Noticing New York

Keeping up with Bloomberg and Friends: Stark New Scandals and Is it True WSJ Readers Don’t Commit Murder?
Noticing New York updates readers on the political drama in Mayor Bloomberg's administration. It only figures tangentially into the Atlantic Yards controversy, through benefits of "crony capitalism."

WNYC.com, Cityscapes: Public SpaceCityscapes: Public Space

Noticing New York's comment on architecture critic Paul Goldberger's conversation with landscape Architect Michael Van Valkenburgh, discussing "the role of public space in the crowded city":

When Mr. Goldberger refers to “the streets of New York themselves” as being one of our greatest public space assets, it reminds us that, sadly, the Bloomberg administration is planning to shut down streets, avenues and sidewalks. For instance, streets in downtown Brooklyn will be eliminated as well as streets and avenues in the planned Atlantic Yards footprint. It is unnecessary and unfortunate. One of the glories of the Wall Street area is that the original unique street grid with all its winding paths is historically protected.

Posted by lumi at April 21, 2009 5:08 AM