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April 23, 2009

Help Wanted: Must Sit in Fancy Stadium Seats

The New York Times
by Richard Sandomir

The Times' sports business columnist thinks the Yankees could learn a thing or two from the Nets when it comes to filling empty seats.

If televised images of the Yankee Stadium empties are important — barely half the 43,342 announced as paid attendance in the Wednesday afternoon rain showed up — then here’s a tip for the Yankees: Follow your old business partners, the Nets, and play “The Price is Right.”

This part is undignified, so it’s good that Bob Sheppard hasn’t returned to work yet.

Last December, when sleet, snow and ennui pared the Izod Center crowd to 9,889 (the paid, not the turnstile, count) for the Nets-Dallas game, the theme song of the venerable game show was heard, the public address announcer implored fans in the arena’s upper reaches to “Come on down!” and Vonage got extra value as the sponsor of this spasm of generosity.


NoLandGrab: Or, since they already have the technology to generate virtual ads behind home plate for TV, they could just generate some virtual fans for those empty premium seats.

Posted by eric at April 23, 2009 12:09 PM