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April 20, 2009

Gehry layoffs get a mention in the Times, but questions about AY role remain unanswered

Atlantic Yards Report

Nearly five months after Frank Gehry laid off his Atlantic Yards project team, The NY Times finally reports that Gehry Partners has laid off staff, and that his "billion-dollar mixed-use developments in Los Angeles and Brooklyn are in limbo."

As I wrote March 31, developer Forest City Ratner says Gehry is still the lead architect on Atlantic Yards. But Gehry's laid off his staff working on the project. So what does that mean:

  • Is Gehry still working on the project? How actively?
  • Will he rehire staff to work on the project?
  • Have other architects taken Gehry's designs and reworked them to save money?

Shouldn't Gehry and Ratner be asked those questions?


NoLandGrab: Norman Oder is right. Bruce Ratner's Atlantic Yards project is the LARGEST single-source private development project in NYC HISTORY. If it were "in limbo," as yesterday's article in the business section reports, does that somehow rate as important news deserving of followup? The lack of coverage might make readers conclude that the Times deliberately downplays negative Atlantic Yards news.

Posted by lumi at April 20, 2009 5:55 AM