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April 21, 2009

Cold crime — Unbelievable!

The Brooklyn Paper Police Blotter

This Atlantic Center Mall swindle took place a couple months ago, but we just had to reproduce it here, since it's actually a parable.

One man, in his 40s, approached the woman and asked her for directions in the Bruce Ratner-owned galleria between Fort Greene Place and South Portland Avenue at 4:45 pm. Then, the accomplice joined the conversation and showed off documents that supposedly indicated that he would receive an $81,000 settlement from a car accident.

But the sharpie said he can’t bring money back to his unidentified home country and instead planned to give it to charity. He also said he’d give tens of thousands of dollars to the woman (who, for some reason, did not find this hard to believe).

At this point, the supposed benefactor asked the mark to take him to a bank because he’s never seen American money. The woman then withdrew $2,000 from a Court Street bank, a ceremony that was followed by dinner at McDonald’s with the two confidence men.

In the fast food restaurant, the older of the two con artists intoned a prayer over the greenbacks, wrapped the bills in a cloth and returned the bundle to the woman.

Hours after the “chance” encounter began, the lady took the sanctified cash to her church to donate it, only to unwrap the cloth to find that the scammers had pulled the old switcheroo and left her with old newspapers.


NoLandGrab: Substitute Bruce Ratner and the ESDC for the two perps, the people of Brooklyn for the vic, a billion dollars in public subsidies for the cash, and a basketball arena for the old newspapers, and — voila! — you have the great Atlantic Yards swindle!

Posted by eric at April 21, 2009 11:54 AM