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April 29, 2009

Built For Collapse

Just Seeds

A graphic artist put Bruce Ratner's Atlantic Yards megaproject to good use, by making it the poster project for the NYC high-rise condo glut (aka, the real estate bubble that would never go bust like the rest of the country).

In the artist's words: Built4Collapse.gif

The Atlantic Yards is a mega-development project designed by Forest City Ratner a company with close relationships to powerful NY politicians as well as the NY Times. The company wishes to build a basketball arena and 13 towers, mostly residential, near downtown Brooklyn. There are so many problematic factors to this project like traffic congestion, desire to use eminent domain, community displacement, request of "Federal Stimulus" money, and so much more.
I felt like referencing the renderings of this development project was appropriate in highlighting how overdevelopment of cities, like Brooklyn, has led to economic crisis. Construction combined with predator lending and stretching potential homeowners beyond their means has brought us to the stage of crisis that we are experiencing.

One hope of mine is to make this into stickers, for the front door of every new condo in NYC. If you are interested in using this image, gimme a holler, I can pass along a high-res file.


Posted by lumi at April 29, 2009 5:49 AM