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April 22, 2009

Breakfast-of-Candidates (39th Edition): John Heyer

Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn

Louise Crawford chats with John Heyer, candidate for the City Council's 39th District.

Clearly, when you work for Borough President and Atlantic Yards Cheerleader-in-Chief Marty Markowitz, you know you're not going to make many friends in the 39th if you wholeheartedly support Bruce Ratner's controversial Atlantic Yards project.


At the age of 23, Heyer got the call from Borough President Marty Markowitz that changed his life. For nearly four years he has been assistant to Markowitz, a job that has taught him "how government works." While he doesn't agree with Markowitz about everything, Heyer does have great respect for his boss and firmly believes that Marty's support of Atlantic yards is not cynical. "He really thinks it's good for Brooklyn."

I asked Heyer what he thinks about the controversial project: "Certain aspects are too large. But I do think Brooklyn should have a national team."


NoLandGrab: In a nutshell, Atlantic Yards is too big, but he supports basketball. Heyer's ability to triangulate his position is reminiscent of the approach of the current 39th District Councilmember, Bill de Blasio, who supports the affordable housing.

Bruce Ratner has given most politicians something to love about the project, enough so that they can overlook its serious problems.

Atlantic Yards Report, Marty's minion: AY too large, but Brooklyn needs a team

Norman Oder offers some cogent analysis:

[Heyer] doesn't seem to acknowledge the trade-off between getting "Brooklyn" to "have" a team--which is not how professional sports works, unless you're in Green Bay, WI, where fans own the Packers--and letting Forest City Ratner decide how big the project should be.

Shouldn't the latter decision been made via a more democratic process?

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