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March 5, 2009

Hunley-Adossa denies the obvious: the City Council race is (in large part) about AY

Atlantic Yards Report

Tish James says — and we paraphrase — bring it on.

The New York Times, following up on the story I broke, reports in its new blog The Local that Delia Hunley-Adossa said her City Council candidacy was unrelated to Atlantic Yards:

“One thing had nothing to do with the other,” she said.

She declined to say what made her a better qualified candidate than Ms. James but said she would release her full platform at her first fund-raising event....

Ms. James, who is in her late 40’s, said today that she felt that the race would come down to a debate over Atlantic Yards. Her district includes most of the site.

“I’m confident that Atlantic Yards was a primary reason for her candidacy since all the other issues she’s raised I’ve been on the forefront on in this district, including education and environment,” she said. “The only issue where there’s a major difference is Atlantic Yards.”

More from James

"I look forward to a spirited primary, and I look forward to her providing the answers" to the questions posed, James told me.

James questioned Hunley-Adossa's commitment to environmental issues. "If she was there to protect the public," James asked, "why didn't she raises questions about removal of trees [in the Atlantic Yards footprint], the dust [from demolition activities], the impact on children in the shelter [on Dean Street]?"

"I'm ready to debate her today," she said.


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