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March 28, 2009

"Dee raises more than Tish" and other reasons for more journalistic voices (plus a new 35th District candidate)

Atlantic Yards Report

The race for the 35th Council District seat, now occupied by Tish James, is still in its early stages. Norman Oder bemoans the lack of journalism in the Courier-Life's coverage.

In other words, we don't need another newspaper now owned by the same publisher to tell us that the headline "Dee raises more than Tish" (attached to an article written by the Courier-Life's inimitable Stephen Witt)could easily have been rewritten.

How about: "Challenger Hunley-Adossa holds first fundraiser; incumbent James has yet to hold one" (in the race for the 35th Council District).


Curiously enough, the Courier-Life's Witt sells Hunley-Adossa's campaign short, attributing to "sources" some broad-brush generalizations: James will also get the anti-arena crowd in droves and the churches, sources said.

Well, won't Hunley-Adossa get the "pro-arena crowd"? And which churches has James locked up? Hunley-Adossa makes no secret of her religious faith, so I'm sure she'll get her share of support from churches.

The synagogues and mosques, apparently, are up for grabs.

Also noted is the entry of a third candidate into the race: Medhanie Estiphanos.


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