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March 13, 2009

After taking over Governors Island and Brooklyn Bridge Park, would the city oversee Atlantic Yards? Nah

Atlantic Yards Report

NYC is planning on taking over the Governor's Island project and is thinking of doing the same for Brooklyn Bridge Park. Norman Oder explains why Bruce Ratner's controversial Atlantic Yards project won't go the same route:

Now, why wouldn't New York City want to take over Atlantic Yards? Well, first of all, it's not a joint city-state project; rather, it's a state project with city contributions.
Let me suggest several other reasons the city wouldn't take over:

  • the project requires a state override of city zoning
  • a city takeover would make a mockery of the lack of city input during the approval process
  • a state agency, the Empire State Development Corporation (ESDC), not a city one, has proposed using eminent domain
  • the ESDC has led the way defending the project in court
  • the city doesn't have any more money to contribute
  • City Council member Letitia James, an AY opponent, might have some questions
  • City Council members Bill de Blasio and David Yassky, sometime AY critics and current attention-seeking citywide candidates, also might have questions
  • AY is a political hot potato, likely the only project that elected officials and civic groups have opposed as unworthy of federal stimulus funds


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