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February 19, 2009

The Brooklyn Paper mailbag

The Brooklyn Paper, Letters

More reaction to the Brooklyn Paper's recent Atlantic Yards editorial.

Yes, we need immediate job creation from shovel-ready projects, but why should Atlantic Yards — a privately owned venture — be the primary beneficiary of these costly federal dollars?

Does The Brooklyn Paper really believe (like our borough president, Mayor Bloomberg and numerous other elected hangers-on) that there are there no crumbing schools, old water mains, no public housing projects with uninhabitable apartments or broken or faulty elevators and security cameras that should be rebuilt or replaced?

Are all of Brooklyn’s libraries, playgrounds or parks in such great shape that none need to be refurbished?

The passage of the stimulus presents us with a once in a generation opportunity to make a large number of improvements to our bridges, roads, schools, subways and public buildings — all of which have been victims of long-term public neglect.

The use of stimulus funds for any component of the Atlantic Yard project would represent a betrayal by our elected officials.

How can they protest overcrowded schools, crumbling bridges, an impending subway fare hike and/or East River tolls, and still call for diverting precious stimulus funds to a privately owned basketball arena?

Francis Byrd, Prospect Heights

The writer is a former 57th Assembly District leader.


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