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February 13, 2009

The Atlantic Yards Community Liaison: office or "capacity"?

Atlantic Yards Report

A Prospect Heights resident and Norman Oder try to figure out how the Atlantic Yards Community Liaison is. Apparently her name is "Capacity."

[Forrest Taylor] identified Sonya Covington as the FCR's Community Liaison Officer; then, after speaking with the developer the next day, he contacted me to clarify that person in the job was Bill Murphy.

It all started when Peter Krashes tried to reach the Community Liaison:

Krashes left Covington a voicemail. She called back and left a voicemail, asking why he called. Krashes left another message, explaining that his inquiry was related to current construction activities.

About a day later, Krashes reported, "Bill Murphy left a message, saying he was calling because I had reached out to Sonya Covington."

"When I spoke to [Murphy], I asked specifically and he did not identify himself as the Community Liaison Officer," Krashes recounted. "He said, 'Forest City Ratner has a capacity for a Community Liaison Office, and I am part of that effort.' The Community Liaison Office does many things: jobs, housing, construction.'"


We get the message:

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