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February 13, 2009

It came from the Blogosphere...

Some commentary on Chris Smith's political analysis of Bruce Ratner's lobbying strategy to get some of that federal stimulus money for the ailing Atlantic Yards megaproject:

Brownstoner, Ratner Lobbying Hard for Stimulus Dollars

While Borough Prez Mary Markowitz is the only public official to publicly call for stimulus money to be diverted to the private project (and ESDC is unwilling to state its position), there are a number of electeds that Ratner has in his corner, including Mayor Bloomberg and Senator Schumer. The "key player," notes the magazine, is actually the original bloviator Alfonse D'Amato. After paying him big lobbying bucks over many years, Ratner plans to leverage the former Senator's close ties to Governor Paterson to make some rain.

Can't Stop the Bleeding, Shovel-Ready: Ratner’s Last-Ditch Attempt to Bail Out Atlantic Yards
Ratner's efforts even impress the more hardened cynics:

The whole thing sucks all the way up to heaven, and as a New Yorker and Nets fan and someone who hates this sort of workaday economic injustice and cravenness, I still care, but…it’s a lot to take, daily. So it’s nice, in a way, to find that I can still be shocked by this. And simultaneously impressed. This report on how Ratner is angling to get stimulus funding for the Atlantic Yards project from New York’s Intelligencer blog, for instance…you can’t hear it, but I’m slow-clapping for Ratner over here. Well done, you magnificent bastard. Longtime New Yorkers will want to stick around to the end of the blog post for a cameo from vampiric unkillable political lamprey Alfonse D’Amato. Because of fucking course.

Making waves this week is last week's Brooklyn Papers editorial:

Noticing New York, A Brooklyn Paper Editorial & Atlantic Yards: With Nothing Else Good To Say, We Are Stimulated To Say. . .

There is nothing else good to say about it, but we must praise the refreshing honesty of the neighbor-be-damned cynicism with which the Brooklyn Paper makes its case in its new (font-page) editorial: Build the arena — with fed money!, The Brooklyn Paper, February 5, 2009.

But the kicker is...

There it is reported that the paper just picked up five more awards in five editorial and design categories (See: February 2, 2009, Simply the best! Brooklyn Paper wins five more top awards) proudly crowing that one of its first place wins was for a recent editorial that used criticism of Atlantic Yards as its launching pad to say that Ratner should not receive “more backroom deals” (December 1, 2007, Editorial: Another backroom deal).

Atlantic Yards Report, Brooklyn Paper editorial generates outrage; is AY project really "shovel-ready"?

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