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February 6, 2009

Amusing Ratner pr humdinger

Recently something landed in our box that basically went this way: Whoa, Ratner is pissing off the Chairman of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority H. Dale Hemmerdinger!

On Tuesday, The NY Times reported that lenders are foreclosing on Hemmerdinger's Queens mall.

David A. Rosenberg, an executive vice president of Robert K. Futterman, a retail leasing firm, said the mall was hurt by competition from an expanded Queens Center Mall and from the established shopping corridor on Austin Street in Forest Hills.

The tipster informed us that the Queens Center Mall is owned by Atlantic Yards developer Forest City Ratner, which is currently trying to renegotiate terms for the development rights over the Vanderbilt Railyards with the MTA.

A quick check in our own archives indicated that Bruce Ratner pissed off the community with garish signage on his Queens Place Mall.

Queens Center Mall vs. its smaller neighbor the Queens Place Mall — how did the tipster get it wrong? Apparently from Ratner's own AtlanticYards.com web site. [The Barclays Center website followed suit.]

You can hardly blame the public's confusion, if Ratner's own pr team can't get it right.

Posted by lumi at February 6, 2009 4:59 AM