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January 25, 2009

Alonzo Mourning's legacy not so stellar outside South Florida

Palm Beach Post
By Chris Perkins

Miami Heat basketball star Alonzo Mourning announced his retirement from professional basketball this past Thursday. Mourning's career outside of Miami is the focus of this article. Here is further confirmation that the New Jersey Nets are just part of the scheme by developer Bruce Ratner to win support for the proposed Atlantic Yards project.

In July 2003, Mourning departed the lowly Heat - remarking he didn't owe the franchise anything - and signed with title-contending New Jersey as an unrestricted free agent. But things soon went awry in New Jersey (owner Bruce Ratner didn't want to pay to keep center-forward Kenyon Martin or swingman Kerry Kittles) and when it seemed the Nets were finished throwing money around in pursuit of a title, Mourning, who went there to win a title, forced his exit.

He made life miserable for the Nets, spouting off to the media at every opportunity. Remarking on a conversation he had with Ratner, Mourning said, "I asked him, 'Other than your investment in this team for financial purposes - obviously getting a significant return - what's the reason why you bought the team?' " "And you ask anybody in here," Mourning continued, "he said, 'To move it to Brooklyn.' I mean, I didn't hear, 'To win a championship.' "I just shook my head."


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