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December 6, 2008

The multiple visions (and gaps) of Brooklyn at Eye Level

Atlantic Yards Report reviews Brooklyn at Eye Level:

Perhaps the key quote comes from an unnamed character, an Atlantic Yards opponent: “The corruption and the greed of our so-called leaders was a shock. I come from a class where you don’t get fucked over in such an obvious way.”
Missing, however, is a full sense of the public passions--there’s only one scene from the epic 8/23/06 hearing on the Draft Environmental Impact Statement, with a chorus of characters cheering and booing.
And missing is any representative of the developer. While it’s likely that no one from Forest City Ratner cooperated, there is much evidence from former AY point man Jim Stuckey, a Brooklyn guy (from Bay Ridge) himself, on which to base a character.

NoLandGrab: Maybe they left out Stuckey because although they could replicate the dialog, they could never replicate the hair.

Posted by amy at December 6, 2008 11:07 AM