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December 10, 2008

Here's a brilliant idea!

Since neither the Borough, NYC or the State can print more money, why don't we get Barack Obama to "bail out" Atlantic Yards?

Borough President Marty Markowitz shared a fantastic brainstorm with The Brooklyn Ink, a project of Columbia Journalism School students.

"I would, of course, also ask for support for Brooklyn’s Atlantic Yards project, which will bring the New Jersey Nets to our borough, and be a major investment magnet for Downtown Brooklyn, as well as create thousands of units of affordable housing and good union jobs."

Opposition group Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn is scratching its head:Markowitz Wants Obama's Support on Atlantic Yards. Uh, what?

Yup, for Markowitz it's always about Atlantic Yards, even to the point that President-Elect Obama should give a darn about Bruce Ratner's luxury housing, eminent domain-abusing, undemocratic boondoggle and frivolous billion dollar arena.

This is the same Markowitz who rather disingenuously told The Brooklyn Paper in December 2006:

...There’s no question that there’s an element of people that truly believe that the greatest challenge facing America is the Atlantic Yards Project rather than terrorism and Osama Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda.

So, who is it that has lost all sense of proportion?

Atlantic Yards Report, Brooklyn to Barack: Support infrastructure, small biz, and education (but Marty hypes the Nets)

Norman Oder catches Markowitz overstating his case:

Well, the project would not create affordable housing; rather, an allocation of a limited amount of tax-exempt bonds would do so. And such housing might be a better bang for the buck elsewhere.

Should the federal government really take from Peter to pay Paul?

More importantly, federal policymakers are increasingly questioning whether federal policies should encourage sports teams to change states. Bringing the Nets to Brooklyn might help the New York economy, but mainly because the city and state would capture taxes going to New Jersey. That has no impact on the federal treasury.

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Dignitaries Detail Brooklyn’s Needs On Columbia Students’ Web Site

A host of Brooklyn dignitaries from the public, private and educational sectors weighed in Monday on what kind of economic stimulus package the borough needs.

They were actually responding to an online question, “If you could tell President-elect Obama what kind of economic stimulus Brooklyn needs, what would you say?”
Borough President Marty Markowitz also stressed mass transit, calling it “the lifeblood of our city.” He called for more funding of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), money to build more schools and recreation areas – and support for Bruce Ratner’s controversial Atlantic Yards project.

NoLandGrab: The arena is Markowitz's wet dream and he'll say anything to get it done:

When times are good, we must build Atlantic Yards to restore the greatness of bygone Brooklyn and to "create" more affordable housing as a hedge against rising real estate prices.

When times are tough, we need to build Atlantic Yards as an economic stimulus plan and "create" affordable housing as a hedge against a tightening real estate market.

It's embarrassing, really.

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