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December 6, 2008

It Came from the Atlantic Yards Report...


Does this look like a site prepared "for the next steps"?

Does this photo, taken yesterday morning, depict a site prepared "for the next steps"? What about the half-demolished Carlton Avenue Bridge?

What about the material lying around on the ground? Are they just going to leave the footbridges there for the winter, as the pool of water accumulates?

Nets claim arena three-quarters full; photos again show otherwise

With an announced attendance of 15,364, the Izod Center was allegedly more than three-quarters full for the game last night between the New Jersey Nets and the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Again, photos suggest a vastly different level of attendance.

Correcting the Times's Ward Bakery correction (and my own error), plus a big footnote

Just for the record, the Ward Bakery is still in the final stages of demolition, as the New York Times's correction yesterday stated; it was not completed in October, as I wrote Wednesday.

This week, the (print) Brooklyn Paper ignores AY news

So this week news breaks that Forest City Ratner has bailed out the national advocacy organization ACORN, and that it has stopped all work at the Vanderbilt Yard.

What does the Brooklyn Paper--which last year won a "newspaper of the year" award in part for its Atlantic Yards coverage--do?

This week they give us a screaming headline about how a hapless pizza delivery guy vandalized an elevator.

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