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December 28, 2008

Funny story: Yormark, in Star-Ledger profile, misremembers (or lies about) our encounter

Atlantic Yards Report

Norman Oder finds himself part of the Atlantic Yards story as the Newark Star-Ledger mentions him as part of a profile of New Jersey Nets CEO Brett Yormark.

A profile in the Newark Star-Ledger of New Jersey Nets CEO Brett Yormark, headlined Nets executive promotes New Jersey while selling Brooklyn, begins with the subject asserting he’s never read about P.T. Barnum, “the first great salesman/cajoler/marketer in American history.” Maybe that's a subtle sign that we should take what he says with a grain of salt.

The article, while offering much praise for Yormark’s hard work, salesmanship, and innovations, also addresses the challenges presented in the headline.

It also contains some very contradictory quotes from Yormark and me about who said what during a tour of Brooklyn I gave him before he was hired by the Nets.

From the article, it may seem impossible to arbitrate who’s right, but, as I contend (with backup evidence) below, in some places Yormark is either misremembering or simply not telling the truth.

(He hasn't been so good at predicting when the arena would open, has he?)

The first slip-up happens when Norman is misrepresented in the Star-Ledger.

Remarkably, Oder concedes that the political might is too strong to stop the project from going forward, but he'll write every day until the first shovel pierces the ground.

Oder replies:

I didn’t make that concession in the email interview. I have said that, despite the troubles facing the project, I think it’s more likely than not that the developer and state will win the lawsuits and move forward. That chance of that happening has declined, but it’s still over 50%.

Oder then goes on to state the facts regarding a tour he gave Yormark in which Yormark never even set foot outside of his SUV. Oder finishes by questioning the Izod Center attendance figures touted by Yormark.


NoLandGrab: On one hand, it's too bad that any time needs to be wasted correcting Yormark, who has no real regard for Brooklyn. On the other hand, there's none better than Norman Oder to do the correcting.

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