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December 30, 2008

Forest City Struggles

The Eagle Tribune, 'It's the economy, stupid' Top 10 business stories of 2008

In the Merrimack Valley, the crumbling real estate market hit the construction industry. Even huge companies like Forest City Enterprises, which had planned on developing a riverfront mill in Lawrence into an apartment complex, are struggling to get financing for projects.

Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Downtown Building Boom Is In ‘Suspended Animation’

Atlantic Yards: Don’t Write Obit Yet

Opponents to Atlantic Yards have been trumpeting the lack of progress, with a local newspaper even preparing an “obit.” The legal issues, the last in an interminable list, are expected to be resolved once again in Forest City’s favor. What happens after that is up in the air, but many are convinced the city will not permit the loss of a major league professional franchise — the Nets.

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