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December 4, 2008

At the MetroTech tree lighting, CBA signatories and South Brooklyn politicos

Atlantic Yards Report

Norman Oder and photographer Jonathan Barkey met up at the MetroTech tree lighting ceremony and ran into some familiar faces:


While the remarks from Borough President Marty Markowitz, other politicos, and FCR President Bruce Ratner were mostly predictable (jobs, peace, Democratic rule), I was surprised to see that, on a dais that featured fewer than 20 people (at any one time), signatories of Forest City Ratner's Community Benefits Agreement (CBA) occupied five of the seats and there were few elected officials from the immediate area.

The CBA signatories were James Caldwell and Marie Louis of BUILD; Herbert Daughtry of the Downtown Brooklyn Neighborhood Alliance; Charlene Nimmons of Public Housing Communities; and Joseph Coello of Brooklyn Voices for Children (formerly the Downtown Brooklyn Educational Consortium).

Nimmons and Coello were unknown enough to Michael Weiss, the executive director of the MetroTech Business Improvement District and the evening's MC, that he whiffed when trying to introduce them, even though they were in the front row.

It was also interesting to notice which elected officials showed up on the dais--and who didn't.


Posted by lumi at December 4, 2008 4:13 AM