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November 11, 2008

The class of 2010 - stay or go?

Pro Basketball News
By Jarrad Todd

Could the fate of a new NBA arena in Brooklyn be in the hands of soon-to-be free agent LeBron James? Sure, if you consider that the world revolves around pro-basketball and its brightest star:

LEBRON JAMES, Cavaliers (player option)
Stay or Go: Go

Sorry Cleveland fans, but I think your worst nightmare will come true. The Cavs' inability to surround LeBron with enough quality players will force him to look elsewhere for that elusive championship.
New Jersey has put together an impressive collection of young talent (Devin Harris, Brook Lopez, Chris Douglas-Roberts, Yi Jianlian, Ryan Anderson, Sean Williams) that could be ready for a playoff push in two years. Not to mention the fact that James' good buddy, Jay-Z, is part-owner of the team, and LeBron’s "building empire" would be a perfect fit for the eventual Brooklyn relocation (2011?).

While current developments suggest that the $3.5 billion Atlantic Yards arena project is in doubt, the mere prospect of a LeBron defection to Brooklyn should ensure that it remains on course for completion.
But ultimately, assuming the Brooklyn move takes place, it’s the prospect of success and mass appeal in New York that will clinch the deal with the Nets.


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