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November 17, 2008

Bruce Ratner Loves The Jobless

Carter-GI.jpg Fans for Fair Play tees off on Bruce Ratner's latest plan to fill conspicuously empty seats at NJ Nets home games:

Bruce Ratner's become the poster child for bait-and-switch prevarications the last five years. FFFP readers know that. So do the wide-ranging communities who've been fighting Ratner's Atlantic Yards project the last five years.

Ratner's latest p.r. stunt, offering Nets tickets to the jobless, continues his shoddy and increasingly frantic plays for sympathy, manufactured good will and all-American publicity.

The conventional wisdom says there's no such thing as bad publicity. Bruce Ratner is discovering that publicity that backfires is something else altogether.

The New Jersey Nets' plan is to offer free game tickets to job seekers. The Nets would pass on the hopeful applicants' resumes to the team's official sponsors. In return, the applicants get those tickets. This isn't the first time Ratner's played on peoples hopes and fears.


[Photo: Nets star guard Vince Carter plays for the hometown crowd in a half fullempty arena.]

Posted by lumi at November 17, 2008 5:30 AM