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October 30, 2008

Marty’s Yards slip is showing

The Brooklyn Paper
By Mike McLaughlin

When one of the top staffers of the Atlantic Yards Cheerleader in Chief expresses some doubt about the project, the Atlantic Yards newsreel seems more like deathwatch than a done deal:

One of Borough President Markowitz’s top staffers revealed on Monday that the deal to bring the New Jersey Nets to Brooklyn is as much of a sure thing as Shaquille O’Neal is from the foul line.

“I don’t know if we’re going to get the Nets,” the Beep’s Director of Planning and Development Jon Benguiat blurted out on Monday during an unrelated discussion about other Markowitz initiatives.

It’s unclear if Benguiat’s comment reflected Markowitz’s current opinion about the unraveling Atlantic Yards mega-project, which the borough president has staunchly championed since it was unveiled in 2003, or whether Benguiat was reflecting his own sense that the Nets may stay in New Jersey — a notion that Garden State officials have been increasingly trumpeting.


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