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October 10, 2008

LEED for Neighborhood Development: AY's "selection," density, and other curiosities

Atlantic Yards Report

As Norman Oder has another look at the most recent Atlantic Yards promotional flier, another misrepresentation:

In the realm of Atlantic Yards, it's a relatively small fib (or lingering error), but it's still worth noticing. The latest Forest City Ratner promotional brochure claims:

Atlantic Yards also has been selected as part of LEED's [Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design] Neighborhood Development Pilot Program, which encourages compact development, proximity to transit, access to public spaces, mixed use, affordable housing, and pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly design.
(Emphasis added)

I wondered how exactly AY had been "selected," given the prospect for some neighborhood-unfriendly features like indefinite interim surface parking, given that AY open space isn't due until Phase 2 (which has no starting point), given that expected shadows nixed planned solar panels on a nearby building, and given that Phase 2 would include most of the affordable housing.

It wasn't selected. A look at the U.S. Green Building Council's (USGBC) LEED for Neighborhood Development web page shows that Atlantic Yards is one of 239 "Registered Pilot Projects," most of which have not yet been evaluated as certified--and none of which have been "selected."

Oder gets to the bottom of this misunderstanding and explains what "LEED for Neighborhood Development" is supposed to mean.


NoLandGrab: When you have to wonder about seemingly insignificant claims, it makes it hard to believe anything that Forest City Ratner says.

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