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October 14, 2008

Landscape architect Olin leaves AY project (apparently), predicts "other architects and other hands"

Atlantic Yards Report

Bruce Ratner's Atlantic Yards web site touts Lauri Olin's design for the Atlantic Yards open space, but Olin's web site indicates that the landscape designer is no longer working on the project.

OlinAY.jpgOlin's office hasn't returned Norman Oder's requests for comment [Update: Oder received a statement from Olin's office late this morning], but that doesn't stop the "Mad O" from piecing together the clues:

It's not clear why he's gone. Maybe Olin's main work in master planning is done. Maybe the developer's trying to save a few bucks. Maybe it's a penalty for having gone off-message regarding the project's timetable and the role of other architects. Maybe it's that the eight acres of promised open space are so far in the future--in an unscheduled Phase 2--that there's no need to keep him on board for now.

Whatever the reason, it certainly diminishes one of the selling points for the project: Olin's role. And it means that Forest City Ratner should stop promoting Olin's role, as on its web site.


Posted by lumi at October 14, 2008 5:47 AM