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October 29, 2008

It came from the Blogosphere...

Bruce Ratner has yet to issue a denial that he "has listened to overtures of two prospective foreign ownership groups," as reported yesterday in the Daily News. At this point, everyone seems to be piling on the bandwagon declaring that the Nets move to Brooklyn "isn't a done deal," even basketball authority and movie director Spike Lee.

[UPDATE: Bruce's denial showed up in the next morning's press reports.]

Here's some of the day-after blowback in the blogosphere:

Gothamist, Will the Nets Ever Move to Brooklyn?

While the (now) NJ Nets act like they are headed to Brooklyn, what with new player Yi Jianlian visiting the Chinatown YMCA--and meeting Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver--earlier this week, there has been no shortage of news suggesting the Nets won't be NYC-bound any time soon.

HipHop DX, Spike Lee Says Hip Hop Changed American Politics, Race Relations

With a body of work that includes Bamboozled, Jungle Fever and Do the Right Thing, Spike Lee has never been gun shy about voicing his opinion on race relations in America.
When the subject turned to Lee's beloved New York Knicks, he said he still held out hope of landing LeBron James as a free agent in 2010. Since Jay-Z [click to read] has a minority stake in the team, there has been speculation that James will to join the Nets when they move to Brooklyn.

"LeBron told me himself, that his decision will not be based upon his friendship with 'Hova,'" says Lee. His hopes for James to join the Knicks come as an unnamed New Jersey Nets official, tells the Bergen Record that the current financial crunch is having adverse effects on the team's hopes of moving to Brooklyn.

"Bruce [Ratner] just won’t end up with the money to do it," the official said. "Forget it."

The Business Sheet, Russians And Middle Easterners Looking At Purchasing The Nets

A few oil tycoons from different parts of the globe have taken an interest in purchasing the New Jersey Nets, according to Yahoo! Sports. The Nets are scheduled to move from Jersey to Brooklyn at some point in the next few years.
While this report seems to amount to little less than Ratner listening to people talk, it is conceivable that he might want to unload the project and leave behind a multi-year headache.

We'd be curious to see how Brooklynites would treat the news of a sale. Would they be pleased to lose Ratner, or angry that he dragged the team into Brooklyn, disrupted the downtown area and then cashed out?

AOL, NBA Fanhouse, Bids For the Nets? From Russia, With Ca$h

NBA, meet the EPL. The Nets wouldn't be the world's first major league team to be owned by Russian oligarchs, nor would it be the last. This isn't even new for American professional basketball: Russian tycoon Shabtai von Kalmonovic has built a league in Russia which draws the top WNBA players during the offseason.

But an NBA team moving into NYC Proper within a few years ... foreign ownership would be huge news. Russian ownership might cause the fabric of the basketball universe to tear. Fans were worried about petro dollars luring LeBron to Europe. Is the reverse (LeBron drawing petro dollars to America) worse?

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