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October 15, 2008

It came from the Blogosphere...

Brownstoner, Brownstoner Book Club Reads In the Country of Brooklyn
For the "real" story on Atlantic Yards from the former megaproject huckster Jim Stuckey (complete with prom photo), buy this book!


And while there's plenty for the history buffs, some might be most interested in the latter chapters on recent Brooklyn issues: Atlantic Yards, the remaking of Coney Island and our own real estate boom. The book has a decidedly uncritical bent; he attributes our real estate boom to Ratner's Metrotech and Atlantic Center projects, and finds a pro-AY subject to interview for the chapter.

Naturally, Norman "The Mad Overkiller" Oder was first in the comments:

Not just a pro-AY subject but Jim Stuckey himself.


Brooklyn Based, Causes We Can Believe In

If your political mojo is in overdrive or the economy has you on edge, you can channel those energies into changing things in your own backyard. From donating unwanted clothes, to getting Obama in office, to caring for insanely cute kittens, we’ve uncovered local charities and causes for every commitment level.


Develop Don’t Destroy Brooklyn is four years into the fight against Bruce Ratner’s Atlantic Yards project, and is funding two cases that are tying it up in court. Even if they win one, Ratner or the state will likely appeal and that will cost money to defend.

What They Need: The next Walkathon is this Saturday, Oct. 18, and given the funding crunch between the presidential campaign and poor economy, donations are needed more than ever now and throughout the year.

Location: To donate or participate in the walk visit the site>>

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