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October 27, 2008

Caveats regarding the real estate media (#9 In Brownstoner's list) and the "Men of Myrtle"

Atlantic Yards Report

Leaving no stone unturned, Norman Oder scrutinizes Brownstoner's Top-50 list and highlights one journalist and several stories that the local media, and even Brownstoner, are overlooking.

While in the list as a whole Brownstoner understandably tried to avoid personages of city-wide influence, the single most influential journalist covering real estate is Charles Bagli, real estate and development reporter for the New York Times. Only Bagli, it seems, can get Bruce Ratner (#1 on Brownstoner's list) to sit down mano a mano, driving the citywide (and even national) discourse with articles about the Atlantic Yards stall and, less credibly, the phantom scaleback.

If and when Bagli turns his attention to the New Domino project in Williamsburg, for example, maybe the city will recognize the project is much less about historic preservation than, as with Atlantic Yards, a request to build bigger than currently allowed. (In this case, it's a city rezoning, rather than, as with AY, a state override of zoning.)


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