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September 25, 2008

The Jane Jacobs Medals, Robert Moses, and the view beyond “Death and Life”

Atlantic Yards Report

We nearly spit our coffee this morning while reading this excerpt from Jane Jacobs's "The Economy of Cities," in Norman Oder's reflections on this year's winners of the Jane Jacobs Medal.

There’s little in The Economy of Cities about the street ballet Jacobs described in Death and Life, but there’s one tart observation that has resonance in the Atlantic Yards debate:

Nor is the process by which one thing leads to another confined to profit-making enterprises... Nor is it, as we notice from the papers, confined to useful, legal, or innocuous work... some city-planning departments take to scouting out and processing profitable deals for favored real-estate operators and also to organizing and running fraudulent “citizens’ organizations” to help overcome public opposition.


NoLandGrab: "Favored real-estate operators," "fraudulent 'citizens' organizations'?" And we thought that Atlantic Yards was special.

Posted by lumi at September 25, 2008 5:40 AM