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September 5, 2008

Stuckey Unrebutted on Atlantic Yards in New Book

From Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn (dddb.net):

Remember Jim Stuckey, former president of the Atlantic Yards Development Group, the guy charged with bringing Bruce Ratner's project to fruition who was unceremoniously "resigned" by the developer in June 2007? Well, there is a new book coming out, "In the Country of Brooklyn," which tells the Atlantic Yards story, incredibly, only through the eyes of Stuckey.

It makes us slightly nostalgic for Stuckey's spinmeister skills, but leaves us wondering: How come that guy was "resigned?"


NoLandGrab: Considering Forest City Ratner's penchant for gag orders, the reason for Stuckey's rapid and unceremonious resignation will likely remain in the dark for years to come.

Meanwhile, Norman Oder's review of the Stuckey interview is a cringefest, once you realize that Stuckey has it in his head that he is one of Brooklyn's favorite sons... (shudder).

Posted by lumi at September 5, 2008 5:03 AM