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September 3, 2008

Ratners, FCE contribute to Towns's re-election campaign

Atlantic Yards Report


Four members of the Ratner family, as well as the Forest City Enterprises Political Action Committee, have contributed a total of $12,300 to the re-election campaign of 10th District Congressional Rep. Ed Towns, an Atlantic Yards supporter facing a forceful if underfunded challenge from writer and activist Kevin Powell.

This continues a pattern of Forest City Ratner/Enterprises support for Brooklyn machine politicians, though it is far more blatant. Until a Forest City Ratner contribution earlier this year to the Democratic Assembly Housekeeping Committee, controlled by Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, the developer had relied significantly on contributions from Bruce Ratner's brother Michael Ratner and the latter's wife, Karen Ranucci.

NoLandGrab: Though this is pure speculation, it would not be too farfetched to assume that once "Atlantic Yards Reporter" Norman Oder started to uncover the Michael Ratner-Karen Ranucci campaign finance operation, Bruce Ratner no longer saw the point in pretending that he no longer contributed to political campaigns himself.

The contributors include Forest City Enterprises executives Albert Ratner and Jonathan Ratner, both residents of the Cleveland area, Forest City Ratner executive Bruce Ratner, as well as Brooklynite Rachel Ratner, the daughter of Forest City Enterprises executive Chuck Ratner.


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