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September 20, 2008

Fact vs. Fiction vs. Fact: City statement on Yankees vs. Brodsky statement

Atlantic Yards Report presents Assemblyman Richard Brodsky's response to the city's response to his report. The discrepancy highlights include jobs, land assessment, luxury boxes, process and cost to taxpayers. From Brodsky's response:

“FACT V. FICTION”, New York City’s non-denial denial response to the facts in Assemblyman Brodsky’s Yankee Stadium Report requires only a re-statement of the City’s own sworn statements to reveal the truth.


Now: “Yankees currently project 1,000 new, permanent jobs.”

Then: Page 7 of the Yankees sworn March 2008 Core Application to the IDA.

Number of existing permanent jobs: 125

Number of jobs after completion of new Stadium: 140

Then we did the math……………………net increase: 15

Now they scramble to change what the documents reveal. Nice pivot. What did you expect them to say once the sworn data was made public?


Posted by amy at September 20, 2008 10:05 PM