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September 4, 2008

Brutally weird: in new book on Brooklyn, departed Stuckey spins for AY, sans rebuttal

Today, Atlantic Yards Report is guaranteed to make milk squirt out of your nose.

A book chapter taken from an interview with the former president of the Atlantic Yards Development Group, Jim Stuckey, goes way beyond "brutally weird" or "Orwellian." In an interview held two weeks before Stuckey was quietly terminated from the development company, the renaissance man-turned-developer set down his version of events and explained how, like every great man in history, events in his formative years shaped his consciousness, leading to some of his greatest accomplishments.

JimStuckeyProm.jpg Norman Oder reviews and irons out some of the facts from this unspeakably bizarre and highly amusing chapter, which includes this prom photo, offered for publication by the subject himself.

On the heels of Marc Eliot’s awkward, not-quite-oral history, Song of Brooklyn, comes another from Florida-dwelling sports book author Peter Golenbock, In the Country of Brooklyn: Inspiration to the World, with another distorted view of Atlantic Yards, courtesy of former Forest City Ratner executive Jim Stuckey, whose self-serving statements go unrebutted.

For example, Stuckey claims that the developer has spent its own money on land acquistions and infrastructure that the city has paid for; he asserts that the "legislature" approved the project; and he suggests that New York will turn into Detroit unless the city "steps up" and helps projects like Atlantic Yards move forward.

And, in a master stroke reminiscent of his work spinning the New York Times, he claims that the critics, not the developer, are creating a deceptive picture.

Nuff said, click here.

Posted by lumi at September 4, 2008 5:07 AM