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August 8, 2008

Yet again, sports economist Zimbalist stumbles in court

Atlantic Yards Repot

The sports economist who penned the oft-cited economic study that comes to the dubious conclusion that a new Nets arena in Brooklyn would be a net benifit to taxpayers screwed up on the witness stand, again:

It’s been a tough seven months for sports economist and professional witness Andrew Zimbalist, who has been beaten up in court three times, not to mention the court of opinion. I recently chronicled a case involving the Seattle SuperSonics, during which Zimbalist’s credibility was shredded during cross-examination, an antitrust case involving NASCAR in which a judge cast doubt upon Zimbalist's report, and Zimbalist’s dubious and defensive appearance on the Brian Lehrer Show.

In the past two weeks, Zimbalist’s credibility further suffered during a federal antitrust trip involving a challenge to the ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals), the men's professional tennis players' association, by organizers of the tour in Hamburg, Germany, upset that their tournament had been demoted from the top tier and changing its schedule.

(All coverage is from SportsBusiness Journal, reposted in this tennis blog.)

According to SportsBusiness Journal, Zimbalist’s testimony “caused an uproar,” leading the defense to request a mistrial and the judge to dismiss the jury early, because he brought notes to the stand, in contravention of court procedures.

In fact, at one point, Zimbalist corrected the lawyer questioning him, asking if the right question had been asked. “Well, I have seen it all,” federal judge Gregory Sleet said.


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