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August 28, 2008

SUMMER READING: "I've been here since 2:00": echoes of Beckett at DEIS hearing

Atlantic Yards Report

We've often wondered what drives Norman Oder to read through hours of hearing and interview transcripts, save the occasional nugget of info. Clearly, Oder has a highly developed appreciation of the absurd:


There are more than a few places where the dialogue, at least as captured on the transcript, has echoes of absurdist playwright Samuel Beckett, notable for lines like “You must go on. I can't go on. I'll go on.”

Anonymous voices inside the Klitgord Auditorium lamented that people were not let into the building, that they'd been waiting for hours, and that the public would no longer be allowed to speak at a public hearing.

(Photo of Beckett mural in London by Rachel Scott Halls, reproduced under a Creative Commons license.)

Oder has titled ACT I, "Inside and outside"

THE HEARING OFFICER: Thank you, Mr. Watkins. The next speaker is Bob Braun. Is Bob Braun here?

A VOICE: He won't be let into the building. Bob Braun is outside.

THE HEARING OFFICER: In that case, the next speaker is Richard Chernoso (phonetic.) Is Richard Chernoso here?

(No response.)

THE HEARING OFFICER: Then the next speaker is Paul Heller.

A VOICE: He also has not been allowed in the building.

A VOICE: These people are not being allowed in the building.

A VOICE: There's a thousand people outside waiting to get in.

You must click on...

[Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn calls it "Waiting for Gargano," " an absurd snapshot of the absurd hearing."]

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