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August 7, 2008

"So many different angles": deMause puts the AY opposition in context

Atlantic Yards Report

In the next installment of Norman Oder's interview with Neil deMause, the two watchdogs discuss the community opposition to Bruce Ratner's controversial Atlantic Yards megaproject:

Q. In your book, you discuss the opposition movements to sports facilities in Detroit (the Tigers), in Cleveland (the Indians), and Seattle (the SuperSonics)--can you put in perspective the Atlantic Yards opposition movement?

A. You have had so many different angles in Brooklyn, from the start; you’ve had the people who oppose it for eminent domain reasons because they’re opposed to eminent domain or they live there and don’t want their housing taken. You have the neighborhood folks who don’t want that kind of development.

Since it’s this junction of several different neighborhoods, you have a bunch of different constituencies opposing it for different reasons, or some supporting it for different reasons. You have all the issues about spending tax money on a sports team. [They're] not building for a current New York City team, it’s a New York City area team, but it’s bringing a team to Brooklyn--there are people for that and opposed to it.

Especially noteworthy is deMause's observation that the delay between the announcement of the project in late 2003 and the release of the Memorandum of Understanding in March 2005 gave time for the community groups and watchdogs to mobilize their attention and resources.

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