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August 6, 2008

Flashback 2005: sports economist Zimbalist on the AY exception

Atlantic Yards Report

Norman Oder pokes more holes in the increasingly shaky reputation of one-time hole-poker sports economist Andrew Zimbalist.

In the June 2005 issue of the Brooklyn-based 'zine Stay Free, an interview (headlined Hoop Schemes) shows sports economist Andrew Zimbalist poking holes in sports facility studies, but insisting his study for developer Forest City Ratner was an exception.

However, a paired interview with Zimbalist's intellectual foil, Neil deMause of Field of Schemes, shows some contradiction in the professor's calculations.

Yet Zimbalist on the Brian Lehrer Show recently insisted incorrectly that Forest City Ratner was merely relying on as-of-right benefits. And, of course, he ignored costs for additional security and incorrectly speculated there would be no additional public contribution.


Posted by eric at August 6, 2008 8:03 AM