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August 27, 2008

At the DEIS hearing, invocations of Brooklyn street cred

Atlantic Yards Report reruns some choice quotes from back in August 2006, where, at the front lines of the public hearing on the Draft Environmental Impact Statement, the battle lines were drawn between folks who live in Brooklyn and folks who live in Brooklyn (plus one guy who was brave enough to mention that he didn't). Meanwhile, a guy from Cleveland who lives in Manhattan was pulling all the strings.

Welcome2Brooklyn2.gif Here are some highlights:

ASSEMBLYMAN GREEN: I want to start by saying for some of you that I was born in Brooklyn.

MR. TAL BARZILAI: Yeah. I'm a resident of Pleasantville, New York. And I know I don't really live in this borough, but my statements are just as important here.

MR. UMAR JORDAN: If you haven't to Brownsville or East New York, Flatbush, you not from Brooklyn -- you just visiting. I'm speaking about the people that really never been to Brooklyn. ...And this is for people that are unpleased with the behavior of Brooklyn. Well, I suggest you go back up to Pleasantville or wherever it is.

MR. MEREDITH STATON: Good evening, folks. I'm a member of this community and the community board, as well as member of Crown Heights. I've been living in this community for forty years.

MR. MICHAEL UTEVSKY: My Name is Michael Utevsky. I live in Fort Greene. I've lived in Brooklyn for 30 years.

MS. ASTRID LEGROV-SOLOMON: Having lived in this area since the 1960s I have witnessed the rebirth of what once -- were once elegant streets that had been left for decay.

MR. LLOYD HEZEKIAH: My name is Lloyd Hezekiah. For over 35 years I have owned a home in historic Fort Greene and contributed actively in its in development.

MS. PAT BOONE: I was born, bred and have lived life-long in Brooklyn. In fact, I was born right here on Bergen Street between 3rd and 4th Avenue. My church is on Bergen Street between 3rd and Nevins.

MR. ROBERT PUCA: I was born in the -- it was called -- it used to be called the Jewish Hospital. It was on Classon Avenue. That's where I was born. I've been a full time -- just so everybody knows, I've been living in Brooklyn for 43 years. I was born on Classon Avenue.

MS. AUDREY DOYLE: Good evening. My name is Audrey Doyle. I have lived -- I have lived in Fort Greene for about thirty years.

MR. PETER VITAKIS: My name is Peter Vitakis. And I have been a resident of Fort Greene and the surrounding neighborhood for forty years.

You get the point...

Meanwhile in Ratnerville:

MR. SCOTT TURNER: And the people who talk about community, and I wish the DEIS would have done a study on what it means to be a Brooklynite. You are depending on a heirloom from Cleveland, a rich, white guy and you're calling him a savior.


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