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July 11, 2008

When Ratner says it's 100% about basketball, it's time to check the b.s. meter

Atlantic Yards Report

Netsstore.com.jpg Nets owner and Atlantic Yards developer Bruce Ratner insists that "It’s 100 percent about basketball," but local sportswriters aren't buying it and neither is the skeptical Norman Oder, who recaps the coverage and breaks down the pr doublespeak.

I suspect that Bruce Ratner does, in fact, let his basketball pros make (at least most of) the basketball decisions. However, the line between basketball and marketing, between sports and business, as the Nets have shown with their sponsor-stuffed web site, is virtually non-existent.


NoLandGrab: The Nets just posted a $7.2-million loss for last quarter and the team is looking fairly mediocre on paper — we shudder to think what kind of shape the team and its finances would be in if it wasn't "100% about basketball."

Posted by lumi at July 11, 2008 4:43 AM