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July 3, 2008

Taken To School In The 64th

The Daily Politics [Daily News Blog]
by Elizabeth Benjamin

Paul Newell held his first official press conference of the campaign season this afternoon, during which he assailed Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver for his relationship with mega-developer Bruce Ratner, who is building a combination apartment building/school known as Beekman Tower in the 64th AD.

Silver's campaign spokesman Jonathan Rosen hit back, calling it "a little strange" that a candidate seeking to represent an area so sorely lacking in schools would open his campaign by opposing the construction of one.

While admitting Lower Manhattan does indeed need schools, Newell maintained district residents were "blackmailed" by Ratner, with Silver's assistance, because his project qualifies for city tax breaks.


NoLandGrab: Mr. Rosen is omitting several important facts, such as: 1) this will be the most expensive school ever built in New York City; 2) Ratner is receiving both Liberty Bonds and a special, double-the-normal-term 421-a exemption; and 3) Paul Newell's not the only one who used the word "blackmail" in reference to Forest City Ratner.

Posted by eric at July 3, 2008 9:00 PM