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July 16, 2008

Author deMause on Zimbalist: "a lot of people don't take him as seriously"

Atlantic Yards Report

Journalist Neil deMause's thoughts on the impact of Professor Andrew Zimbalist's Atlantic Yards economic impact analysis:

I don’t think it's destroyed his reputation by any means, but I think there are a lot of people who don’t take him as seriously as they used to. I certainly don’t. I used to think he was somebody who you could go to and would give you a straight answer based on his years and decades of study. I’ve just seen too much work by him that seems to be bending over backwards to make a project look good. His response, when I ask him about it, is What do you know, you’re not an economist.

I’m like, Yeah, I know I’m a journalist. That’s why my job is to question the economists. So, if the numbers don’t add up, I’ve got a calculator. So it’s been very difficult. Andy has always been a prickly guy in the best of times and he’s never taken kindly to people disagreeing with him on stuff.


NoLandGrab: Yesterday, the prickly professor sent a follow-up note to Brian Lehrer, after facing tough questioning on the local weekday radio talk show.

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