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June 5, 2008

Some disingenuousness from FCR and Kruger, plus a Daily News advertisement

Atlantic Yards Report

Today's article in the New York Sun about the Ratner Rally at Brooklyn Borough Hall contains some weird justifications for the event from Forest City Ratner spokesman Loren Riegelhaupt and State Senator Carl Kruger.

The word from Rigelhaupt:

"We thought it would be a fun day, and there is an important message out there: Brooklyn has evolved and is approaching a new era, and there are people out there that want it to continue to grow," he said.

The "fun day" reference recalls the classic stylings of flack Joe DePlasco, who in June 2004--four years ago!-- told the Brooklyn Papers that sending 350,000 pamphlets to Brooklynites was "just something fun to do."


The Sun also reported: Mr. Riegelhaupt declined to comment about whether the project would seek additional subsidies...

Senator Kruger also weighs in:

State Senator Carl Kruger, he of the curious campaign war chest, is quoted by the Sun: "Yes, I believe that these are the kind of projects the government should be supporting, and in a depressed market we have to step up to the plate."

Is this the same Kruger who brought a posse last November to question Mayor Mike Bloomberg's plan for Coney Island? They wore hats that read, "The Bloomberg Plan: How much $? How long? Who pays?""

AYR also examines a full-page ad for the rally in today's Daily News.

Still, it raises a question: If the Daily News stopped running gushing editorials, would the developer still advertise?


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