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June 14, 2008

Ratner's Atlantic Yards Talking Point is Wishful Thinking

Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn

Forest City Ratner's number 1 talking point—"We'll break ground in the fall. We'll break ground by the end of the year"—is an impossibility.
It's all wishful thinking. Ratner simply cannot break ground this fall. They will not have the financing they need or the land they need, and they will be in court.

Perhaps this is why Deputy Mayor for Economic Development Robert Lieber let slip at a Crain's breakfast yesterday and declared that Atlantic Yards would be "under construction by the end of 2009." (This was reported by Norman Oder on his Atlantic Yards Report.) While we don't believe the Atlantic Yards project will ever break ground, "by the end of 2009" is at least based on real possibilities rather than pure fantasy. Of course Mr. Lieber backed off when asked about his misspeak.


Posted by amy at June 14, 2008 10:14 AM